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Lineage Submission Form

This is a Synopsis of the Lineage of an applicant seeking membership in The Society of Mayflower Descendants in the State of Alabama.

Please fill in the line carrier spaces from you to the Mayflower passenger (including spouses), for each generation, wherever possible. The spouses of the direct lineage from your Mayflower ancestor are always placed in the right column after the word "Married." The final name cited should be your own name along with that of your spouse if you have been or are currently married.

Let us know if there has been any blood relative who has been a member of the Mayflower Society, in any state, (with state and state number & General Society number if known). If available please include a copy of the member's application and inform us at the end of this form that you are providing this additional information. Any other information that you cannot fit into the rest of the form can be provided here as well.

Download the Lineage Submission Form in MS Word Format:  Lineage Submission Form